52 Nuances d'Or G-Kamasutra Erotic Games Playing Card

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52 Nuances d'Or G-Kamasutra Erotic Games Playing Card (French)
"Game Only In French"
54 playing cards with 52 erotic missions. Just play the cards as it is a normal deck of cards when you look at the numbers or hearts, clubs, spades or diamonds. But if you also follow the instructions on the cards, then it's not just a card game, it's an erotic journey of sexual positions, new experiences and discoveries.

Through its quizzes and intrigues, 52 Shades of Gold brings your couple a breath of fresh air and if the tests are as we often say "too much is too much" then you take a little "shot" of your favorite drink, that's what is written on each card, so if you find that the game goes too far, you can save yourself. However, we strongly suggest that you complete the suggestions on the cards and discover yourself as a couple.

Go on an adventure with 52 Shades of Gold and have fun, laugh, love, fuck and the game even gives you the opportunity to invent your own missions with 4 special cards. 52 Shades of Gold comes to you in a display with 24 decks of cards.

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