Accessories for smoker Drummondville

Accessories for smoker Drummondville

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced smoker, you can be sure to find in our Drummondville store an exceptional selection of smoker's accessories from the best brands. In addition, we regularly receive new smoker's accessories, and we already have in stock all the essential accessories and products for smokers.

At Zone Rock, our friendly staff is dedicated to serving you and offering you the best smoker's accessories on the market. We can also recommend solutions that promote the optimal use of all these products.

The Zone Rock team is passionate about customer service and is also concerned about the health and safety of each of its customers. In addition, our team stays on top of the latest smoking studies, which allows us to choose the best brands of smoking accessories for you, and to ensure the quality of our service and the smoking accessories available in store. All of our smoking accessories come from carefully selected suppliers that we trust completely.

Here is an overview of the smoking accessories available in store:

  • Tobacco rolling machine
  • Tobacco Roller
  • Lighter / Zippo / Torch
  • Anti-odour candles
  • Ashtrays
  • Glass cleaner
  • Resin cleaner
  • Leaf cases
  • Tobacco ring
  • Cigarette boxes and cases
  • Personal filters

ALSO NOTE: The term "smoker's accessories" is the only term we are legally allowed to use on our website to refer to any type of smoker's accessories.


Legislation and corporate responsibility

Since the opening of our store in Drummondville, we have always taken all necessary measures to prohibit the sale of smoking accessories to minors. From now on, with the Law concerning tobacco control, which includes cigarettes, which came into effect in November 2015, we have a regulatory framework that we follow to the letter.

In our Drummondville store that sells smoking accessories, here are some standard rules that we must respect since the new laws came into effect:

  • Smoking accessories cannot be purchased by or for minors.
  • All customers must be 18 years of age or older to enter the stores, even if they do not intend to make a purchase. If we have any doubt about the age of the customer, we will do an age verification when you enter the store.
  • We cannot give away or rent smoking accessories.
  • Shipping tobacco products through the mail or selling over the internet is illegal.

Quebec's Tobacco Act
In a twist, the Quebec government took the industry by surprise by passing the "Act to Strengthen Tobacco Control" in November 2015. For more information about the tobacco law:

Newsletter on the Act to Strengthen Tobacco Control

The Act to Strengthen Tobacco Control was unanimously adopted by the members of the National Assembly on November 26, 2015. The purpose of this law is to reduce tobacco use in Quebec. It amends the Tobacco Act, which is now called the Tobacco Control Act. The coming into force of the new legislative provisions is staggered from November 2015 to November 2017.

The various stages of implementation of the Act are accompanied by the distribution of information bulletins intended for the stakeholders concerned by the legislative measures adopted, including:

  • Retailers of tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes;
  • health and social services institutions;
  • the operators of the various places covered by the Act;
  • the general public.

Federal laws on tobacco and smoking accessories

Few useful tips :

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