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Alternative Clothing Style

Alternative Clothing Style

When talking about alternative clothing style, it regroups many fashions styles such as punk rock, gothic, rockabilly, and so on. Brands like Iron Fist, Sourpuss and Liquor Brand provide all rebels, outsiders and those who have chosen not to fit it, apparels, accessories and houseware to express their lifestyle to the fullest. Like punk rock clothing, alternative clothing style themes tends to revolve around, death-themed design, skulls, sugar skull, old-fashion tattoo designs, bats, studs, spikes and polka dots. If you are looking for the perfect piece of alternative clothing, stop by our shop filled with skull platforms, cherry printed pumps, pencil skirts, nautical-printed dresses, studded shirts and even rompers for your little monsters.

Alternative also refers to a movement, also known as grunge, started in the early 1990’s with bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, just to name those. Like punk rock in the 1970’s, alternative was a protesting statement against mainstream media, mostly music. To get an idea of what alternative clothing is, take a look at this selection of alternative apparel and accessories :



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