BrightBay Smell Proof Carbon Insert Liner for Backpack

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BrightBay Smell Proof Carbon Insert Liner for Backpack
These heavy duty carbon backpack inserts provide supreme odor proof storage for any odor emitting substance. The carbon liner on this product will conceal any unwanted smell from the supply you are transporting. The material on this product is designed to be an insert inside a backpack and can ideally be paired with the Carbon Transport Backpack for ultimate smell control on the go. These inserts are designed to use with your existing backpack as well ( please check size to see if it is compatible to your existing backpack). Carbon backpack inserts are extremely durable and are an ideal product for the accessory selection of smoke shops.

  • Brand: Brightbay
  • Dimensions: 12.5" X 6.5" X 17"
  • Carbon Backpack Insert
  • Material: Carbon
  • Color: Black
  • Heavy Duty & Durable Material



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