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Gothic Clothing Canada

Gothic Clothing Canada

If you are looking for an elegant yet edgy gothic look in Canada, stop right there. Not only do we have a vast selection of studded platforms, bone motifs, dark colors and lusicious lace, you will find that special piece you needed to complete your wardrobe.

The origins of gothic go back in the medieval times, but was more of an architecture movement. In the late 1970’s, in the England, gothic movement embraced music and fashion inspired by horror and death. Gothic fashion features elements of romance, dark colors, sumptous layers, completed with Victorian mourning custom attires. Even though there are many sub-genre of gothic clothing nowadays, the style tends to stick to their roots. Bats, tombstones, lace, rose motifs, velvet, these are all essential components of the gothic fashion. Take a look at a few clothes and footwear coming from gothic fashion.

Check out for our arrivals and discounts on our gothic clothing. Buy online and get your goodies shipped everywhere in Quebec, Canada, and the United States. 

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