Restyle Fortune Teller Mirror

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Restyle Fortune Teller Mirror
Black hand mirror with the moon, inspired by gothic architecture.

Gothic, black hand mirror in a beautifully decorated frame. To create the mirror, we were inspired by gothic architecture - soaring arches and carved vaults. The frame is adorned with pagan motifs, zodiac signs, crescents, and gothic elements. The mirror surface is crystal and the frame is made of resin.

A gothic hand mirror is an unusual item in every detail. It is packed in an elegant, brand box, making it a perfect gift. Such a unique decoration of the dressing table will surely delight the recipient.

In addition to its functionality, it will be perfect: for interior decoration, for photo sessions in the gothic atmosphere, or as a decorative element of an outfit.

Unique design: Restyle

Full size: 27 cm
Mirror size: 8 cm


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