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The ROMP Pleasure Kit is a bundle of three pleasure toys, which come in a convenient carry bag!
The kit contains 4 items:

- Pleasure Air Romp Free Clitoral Stimulator
- Wand Massage Romp Flip
- Vibrating Ring Romp Juke
- Your Practical Carrying Bag

The Romp Pleasure Kit has something for everyone...
-For Women
-For Couples
-For Men

The ROMP Pleasure Kit is for thrill-chasers, experience junkies and sensation seekers—the kind of people who always have a crazy story or two up their sleeve and are on the lookout for more.

Romp Free
*** The Pleasure Air Romp Free Clitoral Stimulator is the perfect device for ladies and clitoral pleasure.
ROMP Free is a travel-size clitoral stimulator featuring the unique Pleasure Air™ Technology. Stimulate the clitoris with subtle changes in air pressure and 10 intensity levels allowing experiencing pleasure unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. As the device never makes contact with the clitoris there is no risk of overstimulation. Hit the road without a care, because you can take FREE from Romp anywhere you want to go because of the hygienic travel cover.

A JOURNEY OF SEXPLORATION! 10 intensity levels, from intense to gentle: the quiet, yet so powerful motor of FREE always has the right mode for you.

LONG BATTERY LIFE! FREE by Romp has a run time of 45 minutes when fully charged. Your ROMP product needs power? Put charging cable on charging pins and plug in the USB. New orgasmic heights. That's Pleasure Air™ Technology. This game-changing technology employs an interplay of suction and massage, while gentle shifts in air pressure stimulate the clitoris without direct contact then taking pleasure to new heights.

-10 intensity levels
-Body safe silicone, dual layer soft, silicone tip
-USB rechargeable – 45 minutes of play on a 2-hour charge.
-Warranty: 2 years (Manufacturer)

Romp Flip
***The Wand Massage Romp Flip for Couples
Although it is smaller than other wand vibrators, FLIP by Romp still has a big impact. Featuring a flexible head, lightweight body and 6 powerful vibration modes, this is the definition of a game changer. The size and shape of this toy let you take matters into your own hands without moving a muscle. Massages don’t even need to be sensual, the FLIP by Romp is versatile enough for any kind of tension.

READY FOR THE NEXT DIVE! No matter if the massage is sensual or not, the 6 vibration modes have the right strength for you. Change things up between the sheets with four vibration patterns. Strong, but whisper quiet your flatmate will be thankful. No matter what adventure you're up to, your Flip is waterproof. That means you can discover your sensual sides in the shower.

MAGIC STRESS RELIEVER! Flip features a flexible head and is perfect for relieving any tension. You can use it for many parts of your body. It gives you relief wherever you experience tension from the neck, to back to every erogenous zone of your body.

-6 vibration modes and 4 different pattern modes
-Body safe silicone
-USB rechargeable – 60 minutes of play on a 180 minute charge.
-Warranty: 2 years (Manufacturer)

Romp Juke
It really is time you put a ring on it! Try JUKE from Romp a ring that gets you going and keeps you going. Ultra-flexible with a secure fit, intense vibrations stimulate you both and the ring’s intimate grip gently strengthens your erection too. It's equipped with 6 vibration modes and 4 different patterns to make sure the fun never stops.

CREATE A BUZZ! JUKE by Romp is not just any vibrating ring, it comes loaded with 6 vibration settings and 4 patterns so you always create a buzz.

WET WET WET! Go where the mood takes you, no limits. As JUKE by Romp is 100% waterproof it doesn't matter if you are under the shower or a waterfall, let your imagination run wild.

FULL OF JUICE! Juke has a run time of 60 minutes when fully charged. So you can enjoy moments of pleasure with JUKE by Romp over and over again. Your toy needs power? Put charging pin through the circle on the back and connect USB to an electronic source.

-6 vibration modes and 4 different pattern modes
-Body safe silicone
-USB rechargeable – 60 minutes of play on a 180-minute charge.
-Warranty: 2 years (Manufacturer)

Practical Carrying Bag
Foldable carrying bag with 5 pockets for professional storage of your devices


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