SmokeOut scented candles Canada

Get SmokeOut scented candles, available in multiple fragrances! Order online and get fast shipping anywhere in Canada and the United States.


Eliminate unpleasant odors with SmokeOut candles!

Zone Rock is proud to offer you a superb selection of scented candles from SmokeOut (formerly Northern Lights). With their unique composition (a blend of paraffin and soy wax), natural scents and zinc wick, SmokeOut candles effectively eliminate strong odors, such as cooking odors or smoke. They are available in 13 oz. sizes, and burn for 70 hours.


Order SmokeOut scented candles from Zone Rock and get fast delivery anywhere in Canada and the United States. All purchases of $99 or more (before taxes) in Canada, and $125 (before taxes) in the United States receive free shipping!



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