Vivilo The Originals Japanese Balls

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Vivilo The Originals Japanese Balls
Inspired from The Real Ones, also sometimes called: Ben-Wa Balls or Chinese Balls. MOST AMAZING: Thanks to the Japanese Balls and discover the ‘’Cul-de-Sac Orgasm’’. The one proposed here are directly inspired from the Japanese real original Balls, the first ones and first seen in Japan around 500 AD. These Japanese Balls are two small spheres of heavy weight stainless steel of 35gr each and 20mm in diameter. At the beginning in Japan the main goal of these balls was to give men, extra pleasure during intercourse. Finally, not only men could benefit from, also women; the feeling of these balls floating and bumping in the vagina caused women to become sexually excited and a lot of other advantages became obvious…


First of all, wearing the Japanese Balls stimulates movements of contraction-relaxation movement of the muscles forming the pelvic floor, thus exercising your coccygial muscle which is responsible for a healthy sex life. This exercise has been popularised by Dr. Arnold Kegel in 1940 and this is why you often hear Kegel exercises when Japanese balls are involved. Using our Japanese balls is the easiest and most effective way to work out your kegel muscles because your vagina is forced to react to keep the balls in. These Japanese Balls are exactly the same as the one described into the book; ‘’Fifty shades of Grey’’.


Here are some advantages of wearing the Japanese Balls;
- support bladder
- stimulates uterus
- Stimulates rectal muscles
- cause clitoral erection during sexual arousal
- stronger pelvic muscles
- best after childbirth to strengthen your muscles
- give a better feeling to men and women while penetration


You can wear our Japanese Original Balls all day long or a few hours at a time, there are no contra-indications; simply insert the balls into the vagina. Once inside, you will feel a slight sensation of freshness. The feeling of the balls is subtle and either a smooth or strong movement will cause your kegel muscles to tighten. Depending on your sensitivity, you will begin to feel aroused. Take note that these balls can stay inside the vagina by themselves and in certain circumstances you have to keep them inside with your own muscles.


Japanese original balls will increase your sexual pleasure, the stronger your vaginal muscles the better the orgasms for your couple. Moreover you can also leave the balls in during intercourse; each penetration will move the balls around inside you, the sensations for both of you are great. For him it is an additional caress on his penis that goes around and everywhere. MOST AMAZING: we just discovered that women can even access another kind of orgasm; it is called: Second G-Spot or ‘’Cul-de-Sac’’ orgasm. It feels like the G-Spot orgasm; it is a kind of internal orgasm. MORE EXPLANATIONS ABOUT THIS ORGASM: The vaginal tissue near to the anterior cervix is the excitation point when gentle pressure is applied. This in turn begins the release of sensations upward. The uterus quivers, the sensation travels down into the pelvic floor and then into both thighs… what a treat!


Wearing your Japanese Balls while having intercourse is probably one of the most amazing pleasures to discover or to renew from time to time. In conclusion the feeling of wearing our Japanese original balls are as good as the benefits.
Take care of you!


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