Restyle Cat Sabbath T-Shirt

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Restyle Cat Sabbath T-Shirt
Black gothic CAT SABBATH Classic t-shirt
The print shows the Sabbath of four black cats.
Cats are sitting at a round table covered with a long tablecloth. In the center of the table is a pentagram symbol from which magical smoke comes out.
One of the cat's holds ouija cursor in his paws. Maximum focus on the cat's mouth suggests that they are calling someone important from behind the worlds. I wonder who - what do you think?
An eye placed over the center of the heavy curtain canopy watches over the cats.
Women's t-shirt with a classic, fitted cut, slightly tightens the figure.
Made of 100% cotton, making it comfortable to wear and pleasant to the body.
Sewn and made according to the unique Restyle design.
The T-shirt will be perfect in combination with our high-waisted HARNESS JEANS jeans!


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