Restyle Threeheaded Cat T-shirt

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Restyle Threeheaded Cat T-shirt
Gothic classic black t-shirt with unique both side printing.
T-shirt made of 100% cotton, manufactured in Poland.
There is threeheaded cat with roses and demon sigils in the background.

It is somewhat of cat`s version of  the cerber. But this cat serves no one.
It lurks in thorny roses bush, and is ready to hunt any innocent souls passing by. You may think that third eye symbolizes its spiritual nature, maybe this cat has experienced enlightenment and nirvana.
Nothing more wrong! Its third eye help him to hunt and kill unsuspecting victims.
On the back there is printing of cat eye closed in harsh crescent moon.
This t-shirt is quite tight, it is very well-fitted and will suit your black wardrobe.
If you prefer oversized one, we suggest choosing the larger size.


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