Vivilo Splash Dry Waterproof Blanket King Size

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Vivilo Splash Dry Waterproof Blanket King Size
Vivilo once again wanted to create a healthy and pleasant environment during your erotic lovemaking, at any time, for any occasion and at any place... Here’s the Splash Dry king size blanket... The Love Zone for waterproof sexual adventures!

Anywhere, Anytime with ANYTHING!
We’ve all experienced this situation where we wanted to do something, but refrained from doing so because we were afraid to stain or wet our bed, our sofa, our table, our carpets, in short, places we prefer to keep intact. Splash Dry offers the opportunity to use your massage lotion, your lubricant or let go of all your bodily fluids without restraint. Splash Dry is a totally waterproof barrier between you and where you are. Once the activity is done, simply wash the Splash Dry blanket and everything under or around will be perfectly dry and unblemished. To sum things up, do what you have to do, as you want to, without getting wet and without watering anything around you.

With Splash Dry get rid of the towel!
Forget uncomfortable towels that get wet and take endless time to dry. The Splash Dry blanket is ideal for all activities with its size of 76’’ x 80’’ (193 cm x 203 cm). It’s made of polar fleece ‘‘Cool Dry’’. Moreover, it’s lightweight, comfortable, soft for the skin and perfectly waterproof to stay completely dry with no mess. VIVILO has checked with the manufacturer to offer the best quality possible, for as much durability as comfort.

- Perfect for picnics
- Try this beautiful hotel room and do whatever you want!
- If it starts raining, put Splash Dry on your shoulders
- Wet grass? Sit on Splash Dry
- Your baby wants to play in the grass? Protect it with Splash Dry

In conclusion
Before starting to have fun, spread Splash Dry where the action happens and no matter where,
there will be no trace of your passage.
Splash Dry is easy to wash and will last for years and years.

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