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Dr. Martens Boots : an icon of rebellion and anti-conformity

The story of the “Docs” goes back as far as 1945, when Dr Klaus Maertens, a 25-year-old soldier, suffering from a leg injury created an air-cushioned sole boot to aid his recovery. With the help of a fellow doctor, Dr. Herbert Funk, they created a unique combat boot that was both extremely durable, but also very comfortable. The Doc Martens become even more popular between the late 1960’s and the 1980’s, when the punk movement was at its peak. Nowadays, the Doc Martens boots, shoes, and even sandals, have greatly evolved, while remaining true to their German origins, and becoming more accessible. However, they will always be a symbol of rebellion in the fashion business.

Our online shop provides you with a vast selection of Dr. Martens combat boots, platform boots, flat boots, and winter boots, made for men and women. Made with the finest materials, with an outstanding yet durable design, Dr. Martens footwear will perfectly complete your punk rock, goth, and even Victorian. Our collection comes in 3-eye, 8-eye, and 14-eye, in black, purple, cherry, brown, and white, in size 5 to size 11 for women, and from size 6 to size 10 for men.

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